Health and wellbeing are vital for everyone, feeling truly ok most of the time can be hard work. For most people there are up days, down days and days where they aren’t really anything, heck some days/hours can be up and down too. Wellbeing does not just refer to the absence of ‘physical’ disease, it also refers to the absence of mental distress. In today’s society we are lucky that mental health is not as big a taboo as it used to be, however for some, mental health issues are not easy to talk about.

As you know I am completing my doctorate in Counselling Psychology at the moment, I have also worked in mental health teams in the NHS and work privately with some people for personal development coaching. Through my work I have seen how different aspects of life affect people and impact their wellbeing. I hope to use this blog as a way to inform people about mental health issues in a space that feels comfortable and normal. I really hope my readers reach out and ask questions about topics which relate to them, need help with or have interest in. This will help me get the posts right so they are useful for you! (I did a first mental health post about PMS – I figured most women can relate to that!).

Keep an eye out for the posts and always be in touch if you want information about different health topics!

Much love! x

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