Who are we?

Lana is a 25 year old trainee psychologist. Spending her time split between, studies, placement, teaching, family, friends and of course the gym. Proud mummy of Rumo the family dog!


Where do we live? 

Lana : I live in north London with my family, have lived in my house from the age of 3, before that we were across the road. True Londoner born and bred. Currently I’m at City University.

Why the blog? 

Read the first blog post and you’ll see! 🙂

Where do we hope to go with this? 

Lana: I suppose that remains to be seen. For now I’ll settle with the idea that it might provide a space for serendipity, inspiration and fun for all – including me!

Message to our readers

Would love to hear from you! Get in touch! xx

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