5 easy steps to help reduce stress 

If we aren’t careful, stress can get the better of us. It can leave us feeling exhausted, burnt out, and even physically out of shape. There are many ways we can reduce stress. Below are a few steps you can take to help reduce the stress you feel, aimed at helping you feel more free and energised. 

1) Breathe 

Taking a moment to be mindful, of your body and mind can help you relax. Actively sit up/stand straight, lift your head and breathe in and out slowly. In for a count of ten through your nose, out for a count of ten through your mouth. You may want to close your eyes and use this time to remind yourself that you are able to handle and cope with, whatever is stressing you out. 

2) Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

Sleep is sooooo important, if you aren’t getting enough you are not going to be your most productive and your judgement will be poor. Do a little research and consider how much sleep you think you need! Sleep apps are also helpful to help you monitor and understand your sleep patterns. Apple phones now have a sleep app and I quite like using the Sleep Better app. 

3) Take a break with a good drink 

No I don’t mean alcohol. Take a few minutes to prepare yourself a drink you really enjoy. Perhaps it’s tea, coffee or maybe a smoothie. Giving yourself a few minutes of you time with a drink you enjoy can bring a sense of calm when it seems like you’re in a storm. Good for the body and mind!! 

4) Plan 

Sometimes our lives are busy and we cannot avoid low levels of stress. Ensuring we have a plan and know what’s going on, can go a long way to prevent everything becoming too overwhelming. Acknowledge what you are actually in control of, and the things you aren’t. Remember to include buffer zones. Mishaps and life happens, if you’re working to deadlines and things go wrong along the way your stress levels will increase dramatically if you don’t factor this possibility into your plans, so buffer zones!!! If something needs to be done by Wednesday, tell yourself if needs done by Monday or Tuesday incase things done go to plan. 

5) Look for the positives 

When we are stressed it’s common to only focus on the little things around us that keep going wrong. We end up with a very negative mindset. Actively focus on the good things that happen during the day. Remind yourself that last time you were stressed you got through it. Maybe be grateful that you are so busy, and you’re working towards your goals and gaining achievements. Stress doesn’t always have to be a bad thing!! 

Hope these few steps can help! Don’t forget to comment and send messages about how you handle your stress! 

Much love

L x 


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