Finding the perfect outfit

Those of you who read the post about tassels will have heard that I bought a dress several sizes too small for a wedding. I HATE searching for dresses for different events, weddings, graduations etc. It can take a lifetime to find something you like, and who has time to go round every shop in London searching for the right dress???? 

So, I tried a new method, last time I needed a dress I ordered about 20 options online in all different sizes and styles to get a feel for my options. I tried to stick to the outnet and Asos or the same department store (e.g. Johnlewis) so returns would be a simple process. With the Outnet, you have the option of the outnet premier service, which gives you next day delivery and free collection service for £12!! Very worth it in my opinion. 

Already I made the process easier for myself, instead of treking through Westfield or oxford street and spending 2 full days trying things on, I spent just over an hour browsing what to try and then got it all delivered so I can try it on, whenever I like.  

The dresses arrived and of course one after the other they were no good. Too long, too tight, too frumpy, too colourful, just not me etc. Finally I found one I absolutely loved. Sod’s law of course, despite actually being two sizes larger than my normal dress size it didn’t close, and not just by a little bit, we were missing a good 2 inches of fabric to get it to close. So I continued to try the other dresses on, however didn’t like any of them. In the end I settled on the idea that somehow I would make the dress that was way too small work. 

Everyone told me I was mad but I was sure it could be done. I went to a material shop and got the best matching colour I could find, drove round to my excellent dress maker and seamstress and presented her with the fabric and the dress. She promptly said to me “well try it on”. So I did and showed her that it was super small. She looked at me and told me I was mad, and that it probably wouldn’t work to add matterial, but I had faith (and no other options) so told her to try anyway. We discussed opening the back out, and then came up with the idea of adding material to the sides. 

She was honestly SO skeptical. Quoted me £50 and said come back in two days to have a fitting.  Two days later I went round and of course it was perfect. She added material to the sides which you couldn’t even see (pic is below). 

In the past I was always against altering and buying things that weren’t perfect. However it’s hard to find the right thing and if you pick something up for a bargain there’s nothing wrong with tailoring it to work for you, especially if you love it and know you’ll feel great wearing it. Just make sure you have a reliable and good seamstress you can take things to!! 

Pics of the dress are below. Next blog post will be a few of our favourite finds for wedding season. 

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