They call her … invincible! How to keep going when you’re really out of steam! 

Sometimes you’re at the end of your tether, you’ve had a lot on your plate and have been juggling what feels like hundreds of responsibilities. Imagine suddenly on top of all this you have a deadline or something that requires your full attention – what do you do? Do all your other responsibilities fall to the wayside? If yes you’ll probably find that your long term success doesn’t last. 

So how can you keep up this juggling act and give the sudden project or peice of work your all without dropping other things? 

First be realistic. If this project is going to take up a lot of time and you have a back to back schedule you may have to make room by taking time from something else temporarily. Doing this doesn’t mean that the thing you’re dropping never gets picked up again. It’s a healthy way of getting through all that you need to do. 

Often people will find the easiest thing is to drop health related activities. It WILL matter if you don’t turn up to work, or pick the kids up from school, but it won’t matter thaat much if you skip a gym workout. If the easiest thing for you to drop is a workout you might consider changing it up a bit. Walk for 15 mins at the either end of the day or on your lunch break. Whilst it’s not a full intense workout you’re still moving and you will be better off for it. 

Another way to gain more time during the day is to meal prep in advance. If you usually spend 30 mins an evening preparing your food you could realocate this time to working or your project by meal prepping at the weekend. 

Sleep… make sure you get a good amount of sleep. This will increase your productivity during the day significantly. When things are stressful and feel overwhelming our sleep can be impacted. Ensuring a healthy sleep pattern will go a long way to ensure you can cope with your current demands. 

Eat well… earlier I mentioned meal prepping. Fueling your body with the correct food to get you through the days will help a lot. Don’t overdo the caffeine as you probably won’t be able to sleep once you finally get into bed. Instead eat nutritious foods during the day that will supply you with fuel. Oatmeal, spinach, almonds, grapefruit, yogurt, lentils and kale are some great examples of foods to add into your diet to give you a boost. 

Lastly.. drink water and lots of it! Keeping hydrated is ensential. It will stop unwanted headaches and keep you feeling fresh! 

Send any questions or tips you’ve found helpful!! 
Much love! X 

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