So… Why a blog?

Let’s start with who I am, I’m 25 (Yes 25!!! how on earth did that happen?? It’s a big deal for me) and doing my doctorate in Counselling Psychology, it’s a tough programme, lots of work, reading, analysing, thinking and introspecting (if thats a word??) that needs to be done. I am two thirds through the first year and I have noticed a significant change in my life. First I am super busy. Honestly no, I don’t really have time for a social life like I used to, no I don’t have spare cash to go shopping (also like I used to), and it’s really hard to find time to get to the gym. Second I’m tired – I don’t know if thats just a product of being a bit older, not doing as much exercise as I used to do, being stressed, very stressed a lot of the time, and carrying a lot of what my patients bring to their sessions – probably a combination of it all. Third, I just feel different, again probably a combination of different things, a lot of my friends are married, have babies, have babies on the way, and my wonderful boyfriend is slightly older than me, a hard working lawyer in the city. I guess some may say I’ve entered adulthood, a reasonable assumption probably! So whats the point of all this? Well with all these changes I’ve noticed that I spend a lot more time online, and on Instagram during my breaks away from my research and different assignments (30 mins to write a paragraph, 5 mins browsing insta/unaffordable clothes). Different blogs, mostly fashion and travel though provide me with entertainment and a hobby. Fashion to a lot of people is a materialistic thing, and not everyone understands the importance of it in different peoples lives. I believe in balance, fashion is always something I’ve been interested in and yes I’ve always shopped/spent too much money (mum and dad would say) but I feel that as long as I invest in other areas of life and work hard and add meaning it’s all cool – I can be as obsessed with fashion, clothes and accessories as I want. SO whats my aim here? Well first fashion posts obviously! Am I a skinny rake like half of the gorgeous blogging girls out there – NO, so this will be very real, fashion for the regular woman/girl. Second wellness, I can’t possibly be a psychologist and not talk about wellness!! So from time to time in between pretty scarves and bags, I’ll tell you something I’ve learned/something I think might offer insight or be of help. I guess, I hope that in the same way I love other blogs, and looking at all the pretty pics of fashion and travel this space can be a place people come to chill, find inspiration/serendipity and maybe learn something useful to do with psychology!

Much love!

Lana x

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