They call her?

You may wonder why I’ve called it They call her… Well it’s all thanks to my better half! He has a funny song he likes to sing which goes along the lines of They call heerrr, Lanaaa, Lanaa, Lanaaaaa”. 

Generally sung in a combination of weird and wonderful accents. He’s done it for a while now, it’s an expression of his love and supposedly wonder. It’s his way of saying “you’re my amazing, you do so much, (sometimes) I’m in awe” etc.

We believe that when you’re in a healthy loving relationship (I’m quite traditional) its natural to feel that your significant other is incredible, they are the greatest, they work the hardest, do their best, no one else quite like them – of course mixed in with: they drive me mad, leave the toilet seat up, and so on. Ultimately you’re proud of them.

So this is called they call her… to symbolise all of this. Everyone should have this kind of love towards THEMSELVES. Know that you do your best, you work hard, you make an effort, things matter. Yes sometimes you may be lazy and not work as hard as you can, but a positive mind set will help you get back on track, so you don’t disappoint yourself. We can all sing ourselves our own version of they call her… And fill in whatever comes to mind at the end. When you’ve done a work out, when you’ve walked the dog, when you parked in that tiny space, when you found a dress you were looking for, when you handed in that essay, or completed that work, or did all the washing, sing that little song because you’re the greatest!

Much love

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