Coping with disappointment 

There are two sayings:  1) If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail.  2) We plan, god laughs.  So what do we do??  We plan, and when it doesn't work out, we learn to cope with disappointment! This seems simple enough, however there are times when things which are outside of our control really... Continue Reading →

Finding the perfect outfit

Those of you who read the post about tassels will have heard that I bought a dress several sizes too small for a wedding. I HATE searching for dresses for different events, weddings, graduations etc. It can take a lifetime to find something you like, and who has time to go round every shop in... Continue Reading →

So… Why a blog?

Let's start with who I am, I'm 25 (Yes 25!!! how on earth did that happen?? It's a big deal for me) and doing my doctorate in Counselling Psychology, it's a tough programme, lots of work, reading, analysing, thinking and introspecting (if thats a word??) that needs to be done. I am two thirds through... Continue Reading →

They call her?

You may wonder why I've called it They call her... Well it's all thanks to my better half! He has a funny song he likes to sing which goes along the lines of They call heerrr, Lanaaa, Lanaa, Lanaaaaa".  Generally sung in a combination of weird and wonderful accents. He's done it for a while now, it's an... Continue Reading →

They call her… hormonal??

Today's psych post - PMS!! Yes hormones, periods, bloating, irritation, hot sweats, a general hate of the world and desire to eat everything in sight. So let's look at some facts and some things that research shows may help eleviate some of the negative changes us women experience during our premenstrual phase. Believe it or... Continue Reading →

Easy dinner recipe! 

Thought I'd share a really easy gorgeous dinner recipe that takes no more than 25 mins to put together. Salmon, rice and salad!  First start cooking your rice if you're not using instant rice. Then whilst it's boiling lay the salmon out on a baking tray, drizzle olive oil and add soya sauce - as... Continue Reading →

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